We understand that our clients often need to act quickly to take up a contract. Therefore we have a simple and efficient sign up process that will get you up and running, providing complete confidence that your structure, invoicing, and tax obligations will be fully taken care of.

1. Contacting Contracting PLUS

  • Once you contact Contracting PLUS a member of our Solutions Team will provide you with a full overview of our products and services, and with your input, advise you on a product which best suits your requirements.
  • You will receive a personalised estimate providing a clear indication of the types of allowable business expenses you can claim and your expected take-home pay.
  • Our team will give you expert financial advice on how to maximise your take-home pay while minimising your administration work.

2. Signing Up

  • You will receive our Personal Information Form for completion and the Employment Contract for signature. These documents need to be returned to us in order to activate your account. This will be followed by your Assignment Schedule, which outlines your contract terms. The assignment schedule needs to be signed and returned.
  • Once active, you will then be assigned a Customer Support Representative, who will send you a Welcome E-mail, introducing you to your Payroll Account Manager and advising you in relation to your timesheet deadline and payment advice.

3. Your Agent/End Client

  • We will contact your Agency or Company and provide them with our Umbrella Company name, registration number, bank and insurance details.
  • Our objective is to provide you with a simple and straight forward process.

Sign up Today, we at Contracting PLUS promise you an unrivalled professional service that offers complete peace of mind.