The paperwork and administration involved in running contractor payroll can be complex, time consuming and costly. Using Contracting PLUS allows Recruitment Agencies and Clients to focus on their core business instead of answering pay queries, organising holiday pay and time off, discussing candidate safety etc. You can rest assured your contractor will be satisfied with the level of support and service we provide.

This includes:

  • Quick and easy setup on our system.
  • Easy invoicing each working day.
  • Guaranteed payment dates.
  • Up front estimate of your contractors take-home pay after tax.
  • A Personal Account Manager as a single point of contact.
  • Advice on claiming all allowable expenses for your contractors.
  • Invoices raised.
  • An online portal, which allows 24/7 access to your contractors relevant information and the ability to easily record expenses via our smartphone app.
  • Any issues quickly resolved by our responsive Customer Support team.
  • AWR compliant processes.